VICE v. CERNOVICH | Post-Truth News?

WHY. Why oh Why oh Why.

Why would Mr. Mike Cernovich agree to sit down with a 'so-called' journalistic outfit that is clearly, undoubtedly, irrefutably aiming to decapitate his wonderful "Son-of-Clay-Morrow-like" head from his padded shouldered body? I mean—who is the fool here, Mike? Or Vice? Or both? It's like a tail-eating itself without the head, no?

They even got a great still of him looking like Two-Face. Their technological talent knows no bounds.

I would NEVER agree to an interview with ANY Flying Spaghetti Marxist news source (even with a British accent) unless they agreed to play the interview AS IS (without selective editing—and I want to do my own makeup). Seems like even that would have proved useless here though, as Cernovich is almost instantly rendered headless without the need for any editing. Oh, poor dear Mike. Time for a class on rhetoric.

Then they go into this awesome segment where the geeky scientific-ish Asian-man (move along—no stereotype here) uses MIKE as evidence that there is no legitimate journalistic support for Donald Trump? Or that we need more journalists on the right (the kind that Google shuts down)? It was hard to tell. Maybe I needed subtitles. Oh wait. There were subtitles. And a very messy graph.

A disturbing irony to all of this is the very Wynand-Banner-like situation as it regards Gavin McInnes (and his creation of Vice)—now being used as a (mostly) Leftist propaganda tool. I can remember when it was just skateboards, hipsters and lousy street art. In the immortal words of our President—SAD!

Mike seems to be an interesting fellow. And I don't know much about him outside of the fact that he often claims that any reasonable deviation from his political strategy is evidence of 'CUCK-ery'. (see below) Oh, and he tends to live off of the conspiracy rumor mill. Not sure we can call him a journalist but in comparison to the new Huffington Post standard—he IS Edward R. Murrow.

In the exchange below, he responded to our fearless-leader's criticism of his piling-on the "Lynch-A-Weinstein" bandwagon. Apparently, adopting and practicing the values of the Left is the best approach to fight them? Nein. Which we have further elaborated on in our brilliant essay, AltRight—Hannibal Ad Portas.  Of course, if you disagree? CUCK. The eternal answer to all things in the AltRight universe that would otherwise require a cogent argument.

Still, insofar as Mike Cernovich is a defender of Liberty (is he?) and/or annoys the AltReich or FSM (that he does)—we wish him well. Maybe. 

Cernovich - Cuck