Thought Police at the Door—Is There a Dr. Seuss in the House?

'Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind..' — Theodor Seuss Geisel


Every day in America, a big beautiful 'Trumpian' battle is underway. And it's part of an ancient war going back to dear old Plato and his rebellious student—the ever-awesome, arrogant Ari of Macedonia. 

The recent incarnation of that war was sparked by Uncle Joe of the country formerly known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, taking full-bodied form during the 1920's when Political Correctness was purposely associated with state-authorized 'thought'—particularly as it applied to the USSR-Arts. And of course, those dedicated Marxists desperately needed those very Arts and Artists (like Picasso) as a sales-pitch push forward —fighting for the Communist future that they envisioned and would make real. 

100 years later, it continues. With the infamous Dr. Seuss being the latest mind-criminal investigated by our contemporary Thought Police. But let's not pretend that this PC 'newthink' hasn't ruined almost ALL artistic expression in the last 40 years. It has. And it's part of a purposeful, brilliant, 'intelligent design' that we can thank both the Soviets for, along with their Critical Theory x Post-Modernist Flying Spaghetti Marxist fan-boys (and girls) over here in America. 

Political Correctness causes men to ask themselves, not what they think but what should they think—and how they might express that thought in subordination to the intellectual totalitarianism of the moment. And of course, all creative expression suffers for it. Nothing is immune. And over the past century, it's been used as a weapon in a multitude of creative ways. As the PC-mindset infects and spreads, it causes self-censorship to become part of our lives—cutting into the present and eating away the past. But worse than just pushing for conformity—it destroys man's ability to think at a root level, in a way that Orwell would be (not) proud of. And as The West moves to appease and submit to every group imaginable, it invariably offends them in the same breath. And it must. You can't win in the great war of Anti-Ideas.

But wait! There's more! The new and improved flavor of PC isn't even the previous 'precious' version seeking to simply 'not offend' or 'go with the flow'. No. Now we MUST offend. We are the vanguard of the Flying Spaghetti Marxist movement after all. And so we have certain State Enemies including but not limited to 'Straight-White-Christian-American-Males' (and Ben Shapiro). These men have to 'go with the flow' so to speak—flushed all the way out of existence. And so we are obligated to smack them around every which way, until they get the message and kowtow (Nazi racist!) in defeat. And so too must go all their creative works.

A recent Dr. Seuss literacy festival at Berkeley

A recent Dr. Seuss literacy festival at Berkeley

Mighty-Mao would be proud. We've let his hundred-hundred flowers bloom right here on Main (or is it Mulberry) Street. Kant and Plato would also be gleeful...but sadly, they're WHITE and ergo, also part of the problem (see here).

Alas, how does one navigate through this maze meets minefield of potential offense? Well, we're offered a grievance list of who's who on the scale of victimhood via Yvette Felarca's helpful 'Social Justice Warrior' codes & standards handbook. Ironically, East Asians are close to the bottom of this list in terms of their value. Why might you ask? Well, because they have succeeded. They have WON against all the odds of building a life in supposedly 'racist white America'. In fact, they're doing better than almost any other sub-culture within the United States of America. Although, the Democratic Party power structure still needs to work hard to keep their Asian tomodachi locked-down in the collective-victimhood-stream-of-consciousness. (and if that doesn't work, just PUNISH them)

As such, with Japanese Americans, it's the 'Internment Show' that they must live through again and again. Thanks George Takei (oh-my!). With whole museums being dedicated to the unjust treatment they received at the hands of those same racist white-Americans (sound familiar?). And thanks to the education and indoctrination of the American-born and/or educated (almost non-existent) SJW Asian community, we have a new Dim-Sum-hunt for so-called stereotypical depictions (and general discrimination) of Asians to get fast & furious about. 

Today's victim, er, I mean culprit is Theodor Seuss Geisel. 'Dr. Seuss', as he was known to his friends, fans and now SJW culture-warrior enemies! 

Proud Member of The Flying Spaghetti Marxists, Illustrator Mike Curato

Proud Member of The Flying Spaghetti Marxists, Illustrator Mike Curato

His crime? He meant what he said and said what he meant. That, and Stereotypical caricatures of various cultural groups (so-called "races), particularly from his war years (and before). And while this current attempted book-burning was ignited by a Melania Trump v. PC-Librarian Virtue-Signal-Debacle, our current focus is on a specific piece of art, a mural in fact, based on Dr. Seuss' first book called, 'And to think it happened on Mulberry Street'. Three contemporary artistic members of 'Arti-Fa' (I just coined that) are absolutely outraged by Seuss' blatant racism. Named, they are: Mo Willems (sounds racist), Mike Curato and Lisa Lee. Never heard of any of them, right? And that might give you a little One-Fish, Two-Fish, Three-Fish, Clue-Fish (sorry, I couldn't resist fish) as to the most obvious point to all of this.

Seems like recently published versions of the book have already excised the offending 'chinaman' from the mural. I guess we just have to pray to Lu Zhishen that these folks never visit China in the flesh. On a recent trip to Beijing, I noticed many people still dressed in these terrible, stereotypical ways. Even worse, China's most beloved artists and characters are the greatest sinners of them all (see Old Master Q). Although we can blame all of that on British imperialism and culturally imposed Western standards of beauty, can't we?

And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street—Dr. Seuss, December 21, 1937

And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street—Dr. Seuss, December 21, 1937

And yet, it is an American man of Chinese ancestry (race traitor!) who is coming to the defense of the dear Dr. Seuss. His name is Andy Yee and he's offered to buy the offending mural from the Dr. Seuss museum that seeks to add it to the next AntiFa book burning. He also makes a passionate defense of American values and spits in the face of Political Correctness for all to see (clip & quote below).

Yes lads and lassies. 'Decline' is here I'm afraid. 'Fall' is not far behind. But there is hope. And as ironic as it may be to some actual racists, it may indeed be the very Asians (particularly the Chinese) at the center of this controversy that will save the United States of America, somewhere down the road. After all, as we move toward Maoist Totalitarianism and a new Cultural Revolution in America, China itself is flying high into a future of liberty, individualism and achievement—far away from their Marxist past (despite their Government paying lip-service to it). 

As Lao Tzu always says to me, 'Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.'  Oh and...'Why fit in when you were born to stand out?' — Dr. Seuss


Mr. Andy Yee, on the subject of the Chinese immigrants to the United States, 'When our ancestors came here to this great country in the United States, in the 30's, they were fashioned in that garb and dress to the period. So quite frankly we can't change history like's history...this is how Asian people came to this country. We didn't come here bearing Louis Vuitton and Gucci. We were dressed like that. And quite frankly if you go to any North American major Chinatown, you will still see our elder states-persons wearing that particular fashion of garb the way it was depicted in the mural'.