Tom DeLonge’s UFO Wonderland

First off, full disclosure (pun intended). I’m an investor in Tom DeLonge's blabbering mouthful of an organization, 'To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science’. And yes, even after his performance on Joe Rogan’s show, I’m still not entirely embarrassed to state that fact although recent SEC disclosures (punny) are another story. Either way, this has got to be the weirdest, wildest disinformation + information 'operation' in all of YUFO history.

I mean, yes, there have been a ton of idiotic (often obvious) games played with people over the years and some of those games may have resulted in things worse than public humiliation. Still, I was mildly hopeful that this was going to play out a little differently.  Got my wish. Sort of. Not really.


Things first ‘phoned-home’ for me when I read the Wikileaks-Podesta emails which referred to Tom DeLonge. They confirmed that DeLonge was actually interacting with some (as Tom says) ‘very important’ people, just as he had been going on about to anyone who would listen. Not that I doubted him. He was too earnest and excited to be full of shit.

Nor was I surprised that Podesta would be connected to the intrigue since he’s always been very keen on getting ‘the truth’ out to the public, quite possibly for dubious (and obvious) political reasons. Doesn’t take much to imagine how someone like Clinton, under Podesta’s direction, could use UFO disclosure to push forward all sorts of amusing rights-violations in the name of fighting, appeasing or otherwise acquiescing to our friendly-neighborhood space brothers. In fact, it often seems like the ‘alien’ agenda is synonymous with the Democratic platform. (Grey Marriage?)

Some of this was alluded to in Podesta’s exchange with former astronaut and weirdness aficionado, Edgar Mitchell and his Girl Wonder, the uber-dubious Carol Rosin, with her constantly changing Wernher von Braun ‘deathbed confession‘ roadshow.

Apparently, Podesta was playing both Reindeer Games with Tom DeLonge while entertaining the idea of getting Edgar Mitchell in front of Obama so he could pitch Terri Mansfield’s idiotic UFO Catholic cult-de-jour, which included a set of Alien edicts that George R. R. Martin’s Lord of Light could have written up.

Mitchell states, “Remember, our nonviolent ETI from the contiguous universe are helping us bring zero point energy to Earth.  They will not tolerate any forms of military violence on Earth or in space”.

Won’t tolerate, eh? Yah. Right. Funny how they had no issue tolerating 60 million dead under Nazism or 250 million dead under Communism. Must have been the Prime Directive or something. Well thank God(s), they’ve changed their minds.

Anyway, let’s just say that my Spider-Sense was tingling as was my BS detector although there is little doubt in my mind that Mitchell was a ‘true believer’ in whatever he was selling Podesta. Actually, I think all of these folks are ‘believers’ and therein lies the problem.

Since those releases from Wikileaks emerged, we’ve had two years of highly substantive disclosures, exposures, teases and sometimes mildly incoherent rambles, rants and tangents, courtesy of Mr. DeLonge and his advisors. Plus some truly impressive achievements in Tom’s creative and media endeavors as it relates to the YUFO field. And whether some, all or none of what’s been pushed out is true, it is teaching us a ton about who we’re dealing with, what ‘they’ want us to think and why. And by ‘they’, I mean the US Government and military, plus whatever additional ‘cabal’ thinks that it’s in charge of disclosing this material to the public.

Disney man-about-town, Ward Kimball

Disney man-about-town, Ward Kimball

The history of this sort of disclosure goes back to the likes of Walt Disney (see Ward Kimball) who was contacted by the USAF to produce a documentary about UFOs / Alien life as well as Robert Emenegger, whose UFO documentary was made under the direction of the Nixon Administration  / Department of Defense / US Air Force. And there have been many others, not all of whom were as bright or as polished as the two examples above. In fact, Emenegger was one of the few to come out of the Government ‘slow-burn’ disclosure relationship relatively unscathed. Others have not been so lucky.

As such, I thought that it would be a useful and necessary exercise for all of us to zero in on the core message (and method) that Tom’s masters are pitching to him so that we could evaluate this information by an objective process of logical inquiry. And this is not in any way meant to denigrate Tom DeLonge. He’s acting as a vessel, carrying forth to us what ‘they’ are delivering to him. And that’s a good thing for anyone interested in this subject matter.

So—let’s begin:


Here is much of the salient information that is being relayed by Tom DeLonge. I’m not certain that every tidbit of info is connected to his handlers but let’s assume that most if not all of this content has been approved by them for dissemination. At a minimum, we know that is what they are comfortable with us believing (for the moment):

  1. The Gods, aka Ancient Aliens, are really real:

    Ancient (and recent) ‘Aliens’ and/or inter-dimensional or extra-dimensional beings—the GODS themselves, have been actively interacting with human beings since our inception, which they apparently have had a hand in. Multiple suggestions that ‘they’ created us—that we’re their servants and that ‘they’ have been coming here for a long, long time.

    ‘…we go into the nuance of this, from Aztec blood sacrifices to various creation epics that say we were created as servants to some other race of beings.’, says DeLonge

  2. Some Ancient Alien are Greek Gods but not all Greeks Gods are Ancient Aliens:

    The Greek Pantheon (and associates) are of particular interest and seem to have been based on actual historical ‘Gods’. Same for the Sumerian and perhaps Egyptian crew.

  3. They’re nicknamed ‘The Others’

    The Government refers to these Gods as ‘The Others’ (borrowed from George R. R. Martin?).

  4. Civilization is the gift of The Gods:

    Human civilization, particularly our religions, myth and tradition (plus science, architecture, politics, etc.) derive from early interaction with the Gods in ancient history. (Cargo Cult—monkey see, monkey do, sea monkeys?)

  5. Competing Gods like competition:

    There are competing groups of God (some naughty and some nice) who do not get along with each other. Not a lot of focus on the ‘nice’ ones though.

  6. Gods look like us and also don’t:

    Some Gods look ‘totally’ like (hot?) human beings while others look like giant-miniature skeletal insectoid asian babies who DeLonge calls ‘The Bugs’.

  7. Most Gods don’t like us:

    The Gods apparently also have a problem with mankind (their creation?). As such, they pit us against each other by creating various religions / political factions, thereby engaging us in never-ending interest group and/or tribal warfare.

    Delonge says, “The way it's explained to me is that they are gods (little 'G'), so the entire ufo phenomenon is about multiple gods that fight amongst themselves and by design factionalize mankind into different religions to step back and let us fight each other, so it has other things that it wants to accomplish and we don’t notice them because we are too involved fighting each other and they know that, our government knows that, our gov knows that the others are instigating war against mankind. And the government knows that.”

  8. The Gods pick winners and losers:

    The Gods take sides in our wars that they apparently instigate (and control, you would think, being Gods and all).

  9. The Gods let us play with their toys:

    The Gods have purposefully crashed and/or allowed us to access their technology in an effort ‘to see who was stronger’ (meaning: they wanted to see which faction of human beings would do better with the tech?)

  10. The Gods can…
    Travel in time (of course they can—they’re Gods)! Manipulate our minds and our objective perception of reality! Warp spacetime and other neat stuff! Mutilate cattle! (haven’t figured out why though) Turn our nukes off and on! (for the purpose of causing WW3? Does that make sense?)

  11. The Gods are BAD NEWS

    Plus they abduct us for some medical purpose, apparently. But they must be really lousy at it since they keep having to repeat the procedure.

    “When someone goes through what they don’t understand—what we call an abduction scenario and they see the medical tests—that is very very true. Dr. Roger Leir, there’s a surgeon—he removed over 11 implants from people.”, claims DeLonge


  1. Man discovered The Gods:

    Americans found a life form (A God? Zeus perhaps?) during the Cold War—around 1947 but not at Roswell.

    ‘I fly out to this airport and I sit at a table in a restaurant at the airport.

    No one’s in there, and this gentleman sits down. And the waiter comes up, he waves off the waiter, and he looks me in the eye and he says ‘It was the Cold War and we found a life form.’, DeLonge says.

  2. Man kept quiet about The Gods:

    The reason that the US Government kept and keeps this secret is so that they could prepare a defense against the Gods, by reverse engineering the technology that the Gods let us have (on purpose? Or accidentally? Or both?). Our goal being to outwit the Gods—to ‘punch back’ (Trumpy?). These days, we’re experiencing a ‘gradual release’ of information related to the UFO field.

  3. Man has been playing with The God’s toys:

    We have or are working on reverse engineering a ton of the God’s technology, picked up from crashes, orchestrated by these same Gods.

  4. One of The God’s toys crashed at Roswell:

    The crash at Roswell was apparently a Nazi saucer, based on tech  that was “100 years ahead of us” (oh but it also had Greek markings on it! Nazis speak Greek):

    DeLonge says,“What I believe crashed at Roswell… I believe it was German… from Argentina. But it had hallmarks and technology based on alien technology. So, we put out a story saying, ‘It’s alien!’ And then we put out a story saying, ‘It’s a weather balloon!’ But the real thing it was we didn’t want anyone to guess”

  5. Man has been working with other Men on The Gods

    The USA, Soviet Union and China has been collaborating on the study of this phenomenon together even when they pretend to be at odds with each other.

  6. The Gods told Man to tell Tom to be quiet:

    There’s a lot of things that Tom DeLonge can’t say


First let me say that despite the mildly flippant tone of the above, I do not consider these claims to be ridiculous, at least insofar as DeLonge is concerned. On face value, some have a whiff of plausibility. And there is no doubt in my mind that at least some truth is being disseminated via this exercise. But I think that we need to ask some hard questions in addition to positing some logical inferences that are undeniable.

  1. All Powerful Gods

    It does not seem logical that ultra-advanced, rational-beings would cross the Universe or even hang-out here on earth for extended periods (thousands of years) to ‘pull the wings off of flies’. Meaning, why would The Gods be so intent on playing with or otherwise damaging mankind? For fun and amusement? Really? Why should we accept the idea that these all-powerful Gods are yet simultaneously so immature as to engage in what is tantamount to High-school shenanigans, mind-games and general silliness in service of…um, what exactly? What possible purpose would these foolish games, these manipulations serve? Even Lucifer himself had a rational, focused purpose. And IF they’re irrational Gods—why and how have they done so well in space life, achieving the intelligence and power that they have? To put it bluntly, contradictions don’t exist.

    Moreover, if these Gods are even close to as powerful as DeLonge suggests they are, do they really need to trick us into fighting each other? Couldn’t they just essentially snap their fingers and ‘make it so’? Would they really need to turn our nukes on (and off) in an attempt to spark WW3? Couldn’t they just have at it and blow us up IF that was the goal? In addition, are we all so naive to think that we have hidden from them our attempts to reverse engineer the technology that they apparently allowed us to discover or as DeLonge suggests—handed to us?

    It gets sillier with each question because the truth is that it is not logical to suggest that whatever, whoever is behind the UFO phenomenon—even if it’s a plurality of beings—is concerned with our destruction. Think about it—is it plausible to suggest that an ultra-advanced being whose prime activity involved encouraging, participating or otherwise engaging in tribal warfare, would be long for this universe? That sort of destructive behavior and the motivations presupposed by it would most likely lead to the being’s demise along with our own.

  2. Man As God

    Over the past ten thousand years, man has developed to the point that he can now travel amongst the stars. His civilization refines itself further with each generation. If DeLonge is right, and all of our culture is an intellectual footnote (a cargo cult) to The Gods, then clearly, these same Gods have had an interest in our growth, development and success. Their interaction with us presupposes at least the interest, if not the success.

    In fact, if we are to accept the premise that we are and have been interacting with some form of Godlike Ultra-Terrestrial(s), does it not seem logical to suppose that our ‘growth’, our process of ‘value-achievement’ is directly connected to The God’s interest in us? That our methodology is theirs? Meaning—our success is in their interest but it also points to a bigger picture, one that suggests that the Gods also aim for ‘value achievement’. And that MAN is a top value to them. One would think that they enjoy witnessing and participating in the man’s evolution to become more than he was, more than he is. It is all a process of values, goals and achievement.

    Just as every IS implies an OUGHT (of value to whom and for what) so too does our existence presupposes a value to The Gods, if they exist and if they are as inexorably linked to us as DeLonge’s handlers are suggesting.

    ‘It is only an ultimate goal, and end in itself, that makes the existence of values possible. Metaphysically, life is the only phenomenon that is an end in itself: a value gained and kept by a constant process of action. Epistemologically, the concept of “value” is genetically dependent upon and derived from the antecedent concept of “life.” To speak of “value” as apart from “life” is worse than a contradiction in terms. “It is only the concept of ‘Life’ that makes the concept of ‘Value’ possible.”

    In answer to those philosophers who claim that no relation can be established between ultimate ends or values and the facts of reality, let me stress that the fact that living entities exist and function necessitates the existence of values and of an ultimate value which for any given living entity is its own life. Thus the validation of value judgments is to be achieved by reference to the facts of reality. The fact that a living entity is, determines what it ought to do. So much for the issue of the relation between “is” and “ought”.’ — Ayn Rand

    As such, what would make more sense, that The Gods want to see us develop into refined self-actualized beings or destroy us for fun? It’s certainly nothing in between unless we’re dealing with schizophrenic Gods, which again would make one question how they’ve managed to do so well in an orderly, logical universe.

    It seems like the entire process of civilization has been one of refinement, development of man into something akin to our so-called Gods. Man as God. That would be a much more logical process, and follow from every piece of evidence that DeLonge has provided.

  3. Very Evil Gods

    DeLonge has touched on the subject of the so-called ‘Bugs’ quite a few times. These ‘Bugs’ are the infamous ‘Grey Aliens’ popularized by fraudster Whitley Streiber, among others (and they’ve changed color quite often over the years). DeLonge has suggested that they have no soul, that they might be androids, that they feed off of our negative emotions and that in general, they’re ‘bad news’. Which makes you wonder why he’s designed himself to look like one for his facebook banner.
    He’s also suggested that one can fight them by thinking happy thoughts. But even if we were to take the very worst, most hysterical viewpoints put out into mainstream media regarding so-called Grey Aliens—they don’t seem to be doing much outside of scaring the crap out of many folks who are trying to get a good night sleep.

    I tend to agree that there is a definite clue to this whole puzzle locked into the Grey Alien question because of that archetype being used so many time over the past 50-60 years.  The Ariel School incident in Zimbabwe is the most compelling of these incidents and indicates a very real experience although who knows what it was or who was behind it.

    I am curious to hear more about what our Government has to say about the ‘Bugs’ but I would not put it past them to have intermixed the MKUltra and associated projects with this Grey Alien pitch where this whole set of experiences were a sad experiment played out in the bedrooms and sometimes fields of unsuspecting citizens. Either way, a multitude of contradictions also exist with respect to the Bugs including but not limited to why they don’t just go to a sperm bank and/or hospital to get the information and ‘samples’ they need from human beings, never-mind the morgue. Why repeat and rinse the same silly experiences and experiments again and again? And if one has the power to enter the mind of a man, why is one worried about convincing that man of anything unless one values free-will and persuasion which presupposes a Liberal system of morality.

    I’m afraid that the Bugs are being used by both man and potentially by the ‘Gods’ as just another old fashioned control mechanism. Interesting to note that their archetypal features represent the very best of what man fears—the skeleton (death) and the newborn (infancy)—combined, and of course, deep, dark, soulless eyes that tell us nothing about the character or values of the being within. I could not have drawn a better mess of a man if I tried.

Grey Marriage? I mean Green Marriage.


To The Stars has stated in their recent SEC filing that, “The Company has incurred losses from operations and has an accumulated deficit at June 30, 2018 of $37,432,000. These factors raise doubt about the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern.” What a completely asinine and idiotic thing to state unless it’s true. And if it is, then what the hell is this dude doing with our money?

This development as it regards To The Stars Academy leads me to believe that this entire operation is potentially over in its current form. And that means that someone or some ‘thing’ new will likely be chosen to carry the torch of slow-burn disclosure forward. Disclosure of ‘what’ or ‘who’ is the question.

DeLonge put out a statement to soften the blow of the reality outlined in the SEC statement referenced above but facts are what they are. On Dec 12th, there will be an Annual Meeting of Stockholders for To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science Inc. I will be on the call to hear explained what exactly is going on. But I think we all know.

One door will close and another one will open.