TRUMP to NFL—Kneel Before ME!

President Trump wants them to kneel, needs them to kneel. Basically forced our NFL pals to kneel. With just a nudge and tweet. He's just that good.

They say to pick your battles. And so he did. Or this one picked him.

Sadly, the Trumpian hands seem to be tied. He can't attack an external enemy. He can't drain the swamp. So he rallies the troops by attacking our internal enemy. Who is in fact far more dangerous. 

This enemy isn't NFL players who believe that America is inherently racist, sexist, fascist and should be hastily remodeled if not entirely destroyed. 

His enemy...our enemy, are the people and factions that pollute the United States with the ideology that led to that particular "fake news" idea becoming mainstream. Those people who foster race wars at every opportunity. The destroyers of the modern world. They have many names but I prefer the FSM (Flying Spaghetti Marxists).

Karl, the original  Flying Spaghetti Marxist

Karl, the original Flying Spaghetti Marxist

We need to use "FSM" folks since Cultural Marxism is an #AltRight conspiracy theory—apparently. And conspiracy theories aren't real. But Flying Spaghetti Marxists are.

So Trump attacked the FSM through the physical expression of their ideas and gets a double bonus because it feeds into the "Trump is racist" narrative which rallies the troops and social media and everyone goes nuts. And he loves it. He drinks it for breakfast.

And I eat the leftovers for lunch.