Gavin's Back—But MOJO is MIA

Well, I've got good news lads. And then not so good news.

First the good—Our fearless Clan leader and my older (never met him) brother from another (Canadian) Mother is BACK in ACTION! Sort of.

A few weeks back, Gavin parted ways with The Rebel Media (as did a chunk of their staff) and announced that he was going to be launching something new and exciting and spectacular. 

Well...this is it!

Or...this is it?

Gavin McInnes on the set of his new show looking bloody uncomfortable.

Gavin McInnes on the set of his new show looking bloody uncomfortable.



Gavin's new CRTV show is called GET OFF MY LAWN. And the title oddly speaks for itself.

Now, I'm thrilled that he's back on the air...but...the not so good news is that Gavin looks a little...sad. Deflated. Depressed. Detoxed. Missing the MOJO Man! And also, the show itself is a little off. The set. The lighting. The sound. The pacing. The graphics.

The vibe is like a Communist public access show but without the vodka, borscht and hot Russians. (where are the Russians, Gavin?)

But it's only day 1 and so I'm sure it will improve. But I am wondering about Mr. McInnes himself. 

He says that he wants to go mainstream and I get that. But I hope that doesn't mean that this is not going to be fun anymore. Because it didn't feel like much fun today. 

What has always made Gavin great is that he is himself. And I guess that includes sad and pissed along with the usual happy, witty, sarcastic and arrogant—from a Canadians perspective of course. And I mean that both ways (no pun).

We love the man because he says what many of us are thinking (but not saying) and he does this without trying to justify or whine. And today, for the first time...he sounded a little...different. The wit and sarcastic-bastard vibe were missing. 

Anyway, I hope he gets his MOJO back. And I really hope that CRTV encourages him to be himself and gets them and himself into trouble. Because that means that he's winning, we're winning and the WEST is winning.

He should also sit in front of the camera with a desk to protect his balls and body. Since he looks bloody uncomfortable in this odd fracking sideways position, no? 

I owe Gavin for inspiring me to get back into the political universe and lend my sword (no pun) to save The West. And I didn't want to write this as a bitch-fest welcome back for the man who has done so much to make Western Civilization (and actual Liberalism—Classic Flavor) great again. And my mood, by making me laugh my ass off. But a little criticism and hazing isn't going to hurt, is it Gavin lad? 

So the hope is that he's along for the ride as well. And as much as "Fatherhood" and "venerating the housewife" sounds interesting, I really want to see Gavin as Gavin again—driving the PC-Police and Flying Spaghetti Marxists insane. But perhaps that's just me. Maybe his 20-35 something audience is looking forward to more baby videos (cute kid). We shall see! 

Uhura! (Not a typo)