Jefferson's Constitutional Airplane—It's a Man, Man!

Hey MAN! It's Salk Elementary School's groovy New Consitution! 

Hey MAN! It's Salk Elementary School's groovy New Consitution! 

So MEN have to go and the FSM (Flying Spaghetti Marxist) newspeak wins another battle against American history and common sense. 

Check out this Fox New's report on the latest FSM craziness. Tucker Carlson did a great segment on this tonight with Victor Davis Hanson .

Truly insane stuff. But it only keeps getting worse.

Apparently Salk Elementary School is removing MEN from the constitution and replacing them with HUMANS. (Still ends with "man" though)

I'm a MAN, MAN!

I'm a MAN, MAN!

First Star Trek's "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and now this. We're moving into a very strange time where PC newspeak is becoming part of a self-imposed cultural language dictatorship. Of course, I grew up with a language Police in Quebec so I have an idea where this is going. (Poutine?)

The FSM will always attack our top values. They hit the things that make the world function like language and common sense.

And this time MEN are the target. Remember them? We wouldn't be here without one or two. Of that I'm certain. (Sorry, failed biology)

The attack on language, on human sexuality, on the very words "man" and "mankind" are an attack on our minds. On our ability to think, speak and communicate. So be a Man, Man! and Fight back! Use MAN in a sentence today!