Leah Vernon—Fighting for AntiFa(t)

The latest news from Milan is that "Black, Fat, Muslim" is BACK and its name is Leah Vernon—empowering those who enjoy watching gays soar off the tops of skyscrapers in this year's hottest fashions (literally)!

No. She probably (probably) doesn't advocate the killing of apostates and homosexuals (maybe). Although many followers of her religion most certainly do. Along with a general advocacy for the overthrow of our current Constitutional Republic (it's NOT a Democracy). But let's not concern ourselves with those facts for the moment.

As to her whole AntiFa-inspired anti-AntiFat shaming shtick—I like curvy girls. And so do most men. It's actually the editors of fashion mags that push this "women as waifs" thing. And they don't even have sex with women! Why blame us? I love women. Fat. Small. Big. Skinny. Tall. Whatever. Heartbeat? Check! And we're ready to roll!

I even like stupid women (sometimes). Like Leah here who thinks that it's edgy and cool to associate with a 3rd world death-cult that oppresses the shit out of—you guessed it—women. Keep in mind, I'm not referring to the Islam of Ibn Sina or the Islam as taught by my brilliant McGill professor Todd Lawson, practiced by many men and women of civility around the world. Particularly in Asian countries where their civilizations are strong enough to withstand the general barbarism of modern political Islam.

In fact, I grew up with a ton of Muslim (Lebanese) kids that could gave two shits about their religion outside of the cultural connection to their homeland, history and family. And the usual holidays and celebrations where you eat more food than you should and discover that your cousins are hot. So this isn't about a mostly secularized, life-affirming version of the Abrahamic religions (not accurately) practiced by millions, and adapted to Western cultural life. 

No this is the new Islam. Or old. Depending on your perspective. It's the Neo-Marxist Death Cult I like to call Islamo-Fascism! Although she's a cute, almost witty, slightly innocuous and amusing SJW off-shoot of the general problem. More like a daughter of Soros, Chris Farley and the Ayatollah. And how bad could that be?

And all this reminds me of the Flying Spaghetti Marxist strategy-du-jour which is if there isn't enough real racism to go around, we can manufacture some by connecting black skin to one of the most abhorrent political philosophies on earth. And set that up against so-called "white supremacy", "white-privilege", etc. and we are GOOD to GO!

"SHIT White Girls Say to Muslimahs" 

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!". And if you hate me because Islamo-fascism wants to destroy your civilization, you're a racist!" Oh and if you don't want to have sex with me, you're a fat shamer. But if you do—you have a fetish (I'm not even kidding—she says this). 

Yep. It never ends does it? I would say that we should head back to Canada but that's been ruined too, eh. Unless Ezra can fix it. But without the help of the Major General, I doubt it. So, we're left with no choice but to make a stand here and now—ByDand!


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