AltRight—Hannibal Ad Portas

Snow Storm, Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps—Joseph Turner 1812

Snow Storm, Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps—Joseph Turner 1812

In recent years, many proponents of "traditional American values" (The bourgeoise?) have decided to move away from a range of Conservative and Libertarian ideologies, dumping their party affiliations and core philosophical principles. The cause? The abject failure of The Republican Party in their defense of actual American values. Individual liberty, rule of (normative) law, free markets, secure borders, (voluntary) civic responsibility and objective morality—all of which should be subordinate to a rights-respecting Constitutional Republic, have been left to our Post Modernist pals to destroy.

William F. Buckley, Yesterday's Failed Conservative. 

William F. Buckley, Yesterday's Failed Conservative. 

As Gutfeld correctly points out, The Right may have the best ideas but they also have some of the worst salesmen. And that All-American "Don Draper" ability to pitch (ABC—Always Be Closing) is somehow missing from our (so-called) intellectual elite's repertoire. Sad for them. Worse for us.

Perhaps the best example of this is that most Americans now believe that they live in a Democracy. In fact—they don't. We don't. We never did and we never should. And that's just part of the problem.

What made the American experiment such a stupendous success was the very Republic which enshrined and protected the inalienable rights of ALL men. Our founders didn't allow a system where a man could vote another man nor his rights out of existence. And while their definition of MEN has come to encompass more than they allowed for by way of the very mechanisms that they created—the principles of individual liberty have not changed.

And we're just about to lose all of that. The whole damn thing. But the final death blow may not come from Karl's kids although they're trying their hardest. In fact, a familiar face is back to say Hallo! although he too is a child of Marx if you recall. A nationalist and a socialist! And he's offering many young (and some old) Americans a chance at Blood, Sand and Glory once again. Bad news for those of us that took "Never Forget" to mean "Tyranny over the Mind of Man" and not as a call to self-identify with collective victimhood. 

Buchanan, Gottfried and Spencer at the H.L. Mencken Club

Buchanan, Gottfried and Spencer at the H.L. Mencken Club

Hannibal Ad Portas. Hannibal is at the gates. And we're in very big trouble.

And trouble has a name. They call themselves The Alternative Right or Alt-Right. They are the developmentally challenged (don't say retarded) stepchildren of paleoconservative Paul Edward Gottfried and Patrick J. Buchanan, among others. And they're joined by Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor and brand-master Richard Spencer. And to give credit where credit it due, it was Gottfried and Spencer who apparently coined the term Alt-Right to begin with. (they can't quite agree on this, much like Lee and Kirby)


But it is Kevin MacDonald's book, "Culture of Critique" and associated writings that have effectively defined what is and is NOT the Alternative Right. In simple terms, MacDonald is obsessed with Jews. And that's an understatement. And to be properly Alt-Right, one is expected to come along for the ride.

Illana Mercer says of Kevin MacDonald, that he "at least, comes straight out with it. Instead of the cowardly, infantile, and frankly nauseating nudge-nudge, wink-wink insinuations about Jews, he offers grand conspiracy. Jewish neocons recruited all the non-Jews and now manipulate them like marionettes. No mortal (read gentile) could possibly resist a Jewish intellectual – that a cabal of Jews allegedly hijacked the administration is because gullible gentiles are powerless in the face of Jewish persuasion, or so it goes according to MacDonald’s unique Science of Jews."

In fact, it's much more grand than that. MacDonald's argument is that Jews are genetically determined to "destroy" Western "host nations" due to a very sophisticated "Group Evolutionary Strategy". And of course, if they're not stopped—we will all be annihilated. And the "we" of course, are "WHITE" people. We assume that MacDonald is referring to the genetic homogeneity of European men excluding all those groups that were not considered "white" by the last group of fascists that paraded through American streets. (yep—sorry Italians and Greeks! You may have created our world but you're not part of it)

Kevin J. MacDonald

Kevin J. MacDonald

Like Jared Taylor, MacDonald has conflated skin pigmentation with innate ideas, character and values. He believes that some men are not capable of actual free-will but are determined by the collective DNA of their ancestry. White men are exempt of course. Unless they've been brainwashed by their cousins? Yes. It's all a bit confusing. And bloody insulting.  

Even our lovely Gottfried pushed back in his review of MacDonald's work: "I am not convinced that Jewish behavior toward Christians follows a biologically determined strategy aimed at the control of resources." How sweet of him. But then, he's part of the creative process here. As Gottfried states in The Limits of Race, “To the extent that anything resembling the historic right can flourish in our predominantly postmodernist, multicultural and feminist society—and barring any unforeseen return to a more traditionalist establishment right—racial nationalism, for better or worse, may be one of the few extant examples of a recognizably rightist mind-set.” 

Thanks Paul. Really. Oh, and remind me again who your family came to the United States to escape from?

What a joke.

And so now, thousands of Alt-Right supporters along with associated white-nationalist and "Identitarian" movements are on board for the battle to come. They're just waiting for a new fearless leader to bring them to the promised land. In the meantime, millions of gas-chamber memes (and death threats) aimed at (((them))) will have to do. And Tiki-Torch wielding defenders of liberty will chant, "Jews will not replace us" while Sieg-Heiling in support of General Lee. The irony is that if they studied Lee's history, accomplishments and introspective character, they would probably emblazon him with their favorite label—CUCK—as an insult.

Yep. That's our Alt-Right. And add Spencer's affection for Socialism and well...what's old is NEW again! 

And please. Don't assume that this is just a Jew-hating movement or that Jews are the only group disinvited to the party. They're just at the heart of the conspiracy. The prime movers of The West's destruction, led by (((Spinoza))) and his race-traitorous acolyte John Locke, no doubt. In fact, adherents to Alt-Right ideologies have adopted views from the Right, Left and everything in between—adding in their own special-sauce and often incoherent spin. 

Insofar that they have a coherent unified ideology, the Alt-Right are aiming for a dictatorial ethno-state based on "whiteness" and undefined (DNA-inspired) Western values—or else. So it's just identity politics of the Left rolled out in reverse. How Critical Theory of them. And no surprise. Marcuse himself was Gottfried's professor and mentor.

"There were in fact Frankfurt School texts that I found instructive, particularly Dialectic of the Enlightenment and Negative Dialectics, both of which analyze social and cultural phenomena in a manner that I as a non-Leftist could appreciate.", says Gottfried. Shocker.


To be perfectly clear, the Alt-Right is a very loose association of many individuals with various political and philosophical ideas that are ALT over the map. 

Recently, this non-cohesive movement had some sort of paradigm shift where the good and honorable members of the Alt-Right broke-up with themselves, reforming as the Alt-Light. These folks are apparently not white-nationalists, JEW-obsessed or homophobic among other virtues. And they include our favorite shit-disturbers like Milo, Paul Joseph Watson, Jordan Peterson, Mike Cernovitch, Gavin McInnes and others who are on the Classical Liberal or Libertarian-ish side of the street. 

The truth is that it's actually much messier than that. But let me do something that most (but not all!) Alt-Right folk can't or won't do. I'm going to define my (their) terms.

Alt-Right: A neo-Marxist post-modernist political ideology characterized by an affinity for European ethno-nationalism (white supremacy), anti-semitic conspiracy theory (group evolutionary strategy), atheism, biological determinism (race-realism), totalitarian modes of governance (National Socialism), combined with subversive Alinskyite promotional methodology (memes as arguments). In general, they share a disdain for Classical Liberalism (cucks), contemporary Conservatism (cucks) and Libertarian (cucks) political ideologies. Their main hostility is reserved for Social Liberalism in its current form but not in its methodology which they adopt and practice (poorly) in reverse. The also really really like using the word CUCK. 

Milo in Alt Light

Alt-Light: Classical Liberals (including but not limited to Conservatives, Libertarians with brains and Objectivists with balls) that are fed up with the current state of affairs and adopt some of the Alt-Right's Alinskyite promotional methodology and other techniques of argumentation to further their goals. 

As to the Alt-Right and Alt-Light's attack of Social Liberalism, I would (and do) cheer on any criticism of tribalism, collectivism, nepotism, irrationality, and group-think. I would also support a strong advocacy for a tireless promotion of Western Civilization and culture—based on IDEAS. And I'm quite sympathetic to the view that interest group warfare and various lobbying groups should be removed from the American political sphere altogether. But Spencer and his fan-boys are not pitching a Classical Liberal delivery mechanism for Objectivism. And how could they. Ayn Rand is also one of (((them))). 

It gets worse but I think the point is clear. The very best men of our generation, men who should be fighting against the Post Modernism / Critical Theory / Politically Correct craziness of the Left are instead fighting for it. American men who have been accused of everything from "white privilege" to be being "Nazis" based on skin-pigmentation alone are fighting back!—by agreeing with their accusers. In fact, by creating an entire movement to enshrine the accusation into a political philosophy. Negative Dialectics you say? 

And of course the biggest JOKE of all is on them (and us?) because the very soul of their movement has been defined by a man carrying the DNA haplotypes that they most fear. Gottfried...the JEW!

Haven't we seen this movie before? 

If it's not clear where all of this is going, you're not paying attention. But there is a chance to save ourselves and the fools who will soon be "pushing the button" on us in reality. And that is by promoting an intellectual antidote to this movement. An alternative to the Alternative-Right, which is aiming to ram Western Civilization and America head-first into a brick wall. 

Hannibal Ad Portas. For real. And to stop him, we're going to have to invent the future and fast. Just as Hannibal said, "Aut inveniam viam aut faciam"



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