Steven Pinker—Enlighten' Up

I am a (HUGE) fan of the brilliant Harvard Professor and experimental psychologist, Steven Pinker, with whom I share some strange cosmological similarities.

We're both from Montreal, both attended Dawson College, McGill University and then a short stint of study in Santa Barbara—even our Mother's first names (Roslyn) are the same (Roslyn is also the name of my elementary school). Although I've had less wives as dear Steven (he's had more time though—graduated McGill when I was born).

And of course, we're from the same cultural / sub-cultural background, of which I will say no more other than neither of us nor the late, great Charles Krauthammer will be admitted into Richard Spencer's upcoming and glorious all-White, AltRight anti-Rand 'Atlantis' (unless Jared Taylor re-writes the rules).

Most importantly, Steven and I are both proponents of Classical Liberalism and all the Enlightenment values that this term presupposes.


A core connective tissue here is that of Canada, with its non-renouncement of the best that the British Empire represented—traditions and ideas which protected and encapsulated a certain type of liberty-oriented predisposition toward existence flavored by civility, etiquette and the calming power of 'Reason' over 'Emotion'. Something that we often do not often find in the American scholastic landscape of today quite as much as we do (um, did) in the land of 'Eh'. Sadly, things have gone downhill in Canada in recent years due to the spread of Political Correctness, via the Flying Spaghetti Marxist live-action-troll ideology.

Steven's new book, Enlightenment Now is a tour de force, representing his and I think many old-school Liberal's worldview, which is currently under attack by the Post-Modernist FSM (Flying Spaghetti Marxists). And while I don't agree with all his thoughts and conclusions (who does?), Steven's voice is sorely needed in the'UnSafe-Space' of AntiFa and the AltRight (flip-sides of the same FSM coin) eating the fragile little minds of our young.

Video Presentation: Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker argues that political correctness actually breeds the very same extremist views it hopes to quash. Excerpted from Spiked Magazine's 'Unsafe Space Tour' panel discussion at Harvard University.