Crouching Carlson, Hidden Peikoff

Tucker V. Peikoff | Round 3

For those of you who are regular viewers of Tucker Carlson Tonight on fabulous Fox News (and who isn’t?), you may be familiar with a soft-spoken young lady by the name of Amy Peikoff.

Amy is a member of a select group of individuals—actually, she’s the only one—who seem quite capable of flustering, frustrating and legitimately annoying ‘Our Man Tuck’ in a way that no one else can.

While he often feigns an emotional rainbow of fruit flavors ( including anger! bewilderment! confusion! and consternation!) combined with an incredible array of elastic facial expressions, Tucker Carlson is usually very much in control of his political ‘kitchen stadium’. He knows the rules (he makes the rules!). He knows the players. He knows the arguments. And he’s got his ‘act’ ready to go. An ‘act’ which is an addictive concoction of paleo-conservatism, peppered with Alt-Lite (and sometimes Right) spice and laced with deadly-double-dose sardonic sarcasm—ready to unleash on his (suspecting) friends, frenemies and creepy porn lawyers.

And I love it. You love it. I drink it for breakfast. I eat it for lunch. In fact, I bake the tears of Tucker’s nightly parade of neo-Marxists momos into all of my gluten-free straw-less home cooked meals. (Scott Tenorman?)

Eating the tears of neo-Marxist Momos— Oiishi! :)

Eating the tears of neo-Marxist Momos— Oiishi! :)

If Tucker Carlson didn’t exist, Keyser Söze would have had to invent him. BUT that doesn’t mean that I agree, approve nor enjoy all of Tucker’s arguments. In fact, I often pray to Zeus that Tucker would add just a dash more of ‘Randy’ Ayn to his admixture. A little Objectivish goes a long way. Just ask Kevin MacDonald.

Anywho, back to the subject at hand. In this round of Carlson V. Peikoff, Amy ends up in the WRONG, but for the right reasons. Or rather, she makes the right argument (sort of) in defense of the wrong man. And Tucker is oh so RIGHT, but for the wrong reasons. At least, for the superficial reasons he espoused. But if one takes Tucker in context, if one understands his worldview—if one judges the totality of Tucker—along with the truth about the people that he’s attacking, well, things become much clearer. At least to me.

So let me make it easy on the class. Here is the official Mentok the Mindtaker ‘Tucker Carlson Thesis’:

The WEST is the BEST.

And the WEST is under attack because it IS the BEST. And it’s losing.


It’s our dear Flying Spaghetti Marxists (Critical Theory, Post-Modernist, Neo-Marxist momos) that are winning this battle—winning the war in fact—whether they be a crony Capitalist extraordinaire like Jeff ‘Blofeld’ Bezos or the Forever 21-teen who turned High School ‘Social Climbing’ into a national billion-dollar pastime—Zuckerberg.

Vive La Resistance!

Vive La Resistance!

To put it bluntly, the ‘Big Tech’ tomodachi are not our friends. They represent an unholy alliance of crony capitalism, advanced technology, Leftist political philosophy, interest group warfare and Government corruption, culminating in a giant-sized unstoppable ‘Aristocracy of Pull’.

Bottom line: there is NO current moral defense —no excuse—which should be offered on behalf of a man like Jeff Bezos, particularly IF one is aware of his activities. So Amy Peikoff is either ignorant or dare I say, once again—wrong!

Tucker’s attack was bang-on. The defense of that attack relying on religious-based altruism or simple ‘decency’ was not. At least, it was not enough. And it opened him up to legitimate criticism from Amy, who went for the jugular (albeit politely so).

Tucker’s reliance on Judeo-Christian ethics is nothing new. It’s the Right’s often provided substitute (and perhaps the last one in existence) for what’s left (pun) of common sense morality in this great country. It’s partially why the neo-Marxists constantly attack Christians. Those same Christians actually believe in objective morality, even if they pay lip-service to a subjective, supernatural foundation.

The distilled ‘common sense’ that Tucker accepts as fact and associates with theology IS actually a remnant of the Classical Liberal and Enlightenment foundations of America. It connects to a spiritual (non-supernatural) aspiration, represented by the American heroes who not only fought, won and built this bloody place, but wanted to share it with a benevolent, prosperous civic society.

And I believe that Tucker is well aware that America was founded as a country without Gods or Kings or Men ruling other men. Instead, mankind was gifted a Constitutional Republic based on liberty, and inexorably linked to definable, identifiable Western values. Or as the Left calls it—racism.

This very American love of life, of friendship and achievement, of camaraderie and yes, even empathy—not the Marxist form of malevolent human-centipede servitude but actual good-will toward men, is an idea that ‘Objectivish’ folks like Amy and partner in crime Yaron Brook, can’t seem to jive with.

Instead, they still think that Alain Delon look-alike Ralph Reed is the Evangelical bogeyman aiming to push us into a theocratic dictatorship of Pleasantville!

Objectivists warn: Christian Conservatives WILL enslave you in a ‘pleasant’ utopia dystopia!

In reality, it’s the neo-Marxist moral relativistic atheists who make common cause with the most blood-thirsty racist, religious totalitarians on earth. And STILL, so many Libertarians and Objectivists attack, denigrate and alienate so-called ‘fly-over-country’ folks. Middle America. The dreaded ‘straight white Christian males’ (and females!) with their sick dream of a shiny city on the hill.

I wonder why that is.

No I don’t. I’m just being an asshole.

To quote the Randy-christ, blessed be SHE, it is simply a ‘hatred of the good for being the good’.


As such, why shouldn’t we criticize Bezos for not caring enough about the world that he’s remaking into some bizarre dystopia fulfillment center, where one would live in one’s car or need food-stamps to subsist, so that one could work for Amazon? And let’s be more frank. The sort of folks who are taking these low-paying, blue collar jobs at Amazon, might have found much more appealing opportunities in this country—which would pay way better—if it wasn’t for the games of thrones, general BS and cronyism that is the theme song of men like Blofeld Bezos.

I know it. You know it. AMY knows it.

Tucker is sounding the alarm bell as we are two minutes away from a new form of totalitarianism the likes of which we have never seen. A world where nanotech, social media, robotics, genetics and AI will invariably converge into something unimaginable, unconstrained by the legal protections, societal norms, ‘common sense’ morality and cultural structures men like Bezos are dismantling at the speed of Prime Membership (thank god for that).

And speaking of which, it is TIME that we helped men like Tucker Carlson defend his views.

We don’t need to attack his faith. We need to support his reason.

Trying to humiliate or undermine Tucker Carlson—the best friend Liberty has on national television—so that we can scoff at how much smarter or better we are because we’ve memorized Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology is immoral, idiotic and self-destructive. And yet this is the modus operandi of so many associated with the Libertarian and Objectivist (so-called) movements, particularly the Ayn Rand Institute.

In the words of our immortal etiquette-driven President: SAD!