Witch Hunt

'Witch-Hunt: the searching out and deliberate harassment of those (such as political opponents) with unpopular views'

Since America's founding, there have been moments when justice has taken a back seat to injustice, when rationality has given way to irrationality and the MOB has ruled (figuratively and literally). But thankfully, (good) Americans have always pushed back, fought to maintain their rights—and won.

In fact, America is one of the few countries in human history where a majority of citizens from ALL political perspectives have consistently expressed a vested interest in a legal system that not only functions but that enshrines a concrete, objective conception of justice.

Or at least they did, up and until Zuckerberg arrived and made High School ‘Great Again’.


A new generation of moral nihilists who exist, judge and derive self-esteem via social media lynch-mobs, have taken over our justice system. At least, they’re holding it hostage. Along with our Universities and many other areas of our lives. And these same individuals (if I can call them that) are humored, pandered to and coddled, because they are feared. And with good reason. They’re dangerous. They can make, break or otherwise wreck havoc on anyone who they choose to be their hashtagged ‘poster boy’ de jour. The Goldstein standard from 1984 has become permanent digital reality. It is the return of the lynch mob, Mao’s Red Guard and the Gestapo rolled into a man-bun. They are the Virtue Fascists and their outrage at what you did, or could do, or might do, or have been accused of doing, or know someone who did (and stood idly by), is coming for you!

They exist on BOTH sides of the political divide. And in fact, as it was with National Socialism and IS with Democratic Socialism, they are flip-sides of the same tiki-torch carrying totalitarian coin. They may hate you for being white or they may hate you for not being white. And that’s just one of many sins including but not limited to just being literally MALE. I mean, cis-gendered. I mean non-non-binary. And while we can agree that some of their targets are indeed repugnant creatures in their own right, it is the methodology of the Virtue Fascist which is infinitely worse than the crimes targeted.

They are against the presumption of innocence which is a tool of ‘white supremacy’ and ‘the Patriarchy’. They are against any defense of oneself in the face of collective condemnation. In their world, you are guilty NOT until you can prove your innocence—not even that. NO. You are guilty by way of collective fiat. The mob has ruled. The Ochlocracy says so. Repenting is futile. Disappear. Die. That is the only verdict available to you, the accused. You’ve been deleted, you see.

How do we identify whether something is true? Whether someone is guilty? Gloria Allred knows. We just ring a pretty little bell and hold out some reward. They will come. One after another after another, to level their accusations and shed their tears. Some true? Maybe. Some false? Usually. All true, all false? We don’t know. We don’t care. 50 women have accused and only one is necessary! The women must be believed! Mazie Hirono says so. Allegations are facts. Innuendo is truth. Up is Down. Left is Right and Big fracking Brother is watching you. And oh yes—hang Kavanaugh.

And the great irony is that whilst unable to deliver the requisite amount of scumbags from so-called flyover country, that Steven King, Hollywood and the elites imagine exist within every Mayberry, they must instead use as an example their own brethren. Yes! It is the Hollywood and Democratic political machine cannibalizing itself which puts me in this unenviable position of having to strongly suggest that even scumbag Harvey Weinstein deserves a presumption of innocence. And HE fracking DOES. Especially on the charge of rape, which from the facts available to me seems a-priori ludicrous. And Charlie Rose—a brilliant journalist and political thinker—does he not deserve some presumption of innocence? Was there a trial? Did he have a defense? Or was he ex-communicated from fracking reality in 24-fracking hours?

And what of Spacey? Oh wait, he has defended himself. How unusual. How wrong. The interweb called it creepy (actually that was Matt Drudge). I call it heroic. Even if he IS guilty of something. In fact, I would be shocked if he isn’t. I would be shocked if YOU are innocent too. Perhaps we should strap you down, put the electrodes on, look into that head of yours and find some moment in your life when you were less than perfect. And then destroy you.

The results are glorious. Entire websites have been designed and dedicated for the express purpose of personal destruction. Vox leads the way in this regard and we should make special mention of those who participated in this endeavor that would make Goebbels and Lavrentiy Beria proud: Anna North, Constance Grady, Laura McGann, Aja Romano, Michelle Garcia, Susannah Locke, Eleanor Barkhorn and others. How ironic to see the name LOCKE amongst them. Something tells me that Johnny is spinning in that Classical Liberal grave of his, perhaps accompanied by Sir William Garrow.

Now, in ancient times (pre-twitter), one could level an accusation that was false and unless the mainstream media picked it up, the accused had a chance to get their life back. Today, guilty, innocent or somewhere in between, if social media gets a hold of you—you’re done. You’re fried. And if you happen to live in an area with violent, angry, irrational people—you may be a dead man walking.

I don’t like it. I don’t like the mob. I don’t like what I see happening even to people who deserve some punishment for various crimes against their fellow man.

I want justice for victims by way of courts, imperfect as they are. I don’t want justice by way of Virtue Fascism, motivated by neo-marxist, critical theory, post-modernist garbage. Or motivated by the desire to fit in, get attention and achieve approval (same difference). And really, that’s what ALL of this is about, no? Even the Marxists agree. Approval. LIKES. Clicks and Likes. Likes and Clicks. That’s what earns power and money today. Actual virtue is the dustbin of history.

The Randy one argued that, 'Justice is the recognition of the fact that you cannot fake the character of men as you cannot fake the character of nature, that you must judge all men as conscientiously as you judge inanimate objects, with the same respect for truth, with the same incorruptible vision, by as pure and as rational a process of identification—that every man must be judged for what he is and treated accordingly'

And she is correct, as usual.

The time has come to make a stand. To all of you out there who have remained silent as our children digitally (and sometimes physically) lynch us—wake up! Freddy is coming for you. And use your mouth and your little fingers to fight back. Before you are next. And this goes even for people with whom you may disagree. Actually, especially them. You will not destroy this new force of irrational douche-mobs if you utilize and appropriate their methodology. Don’t. Stick to honor and reason. It’s easier and it’s right.

Honorable mention should go to our current President who effectively used (with Steve’s help) an online army of trolls—to threaten, intimidate and otherwise harass his and their enemies. Like the alluring Megyn Kelly, who I’m not altogether fond of, but was still concerned might get killed after a few of his tweets. But then there is the actual witch hunt against HIM and his family, leveled and managed by our corrupt military industrial complex (the Deep State). So yes—both sides use this new weapon. And they will both suffer and die by it, eventually, as the witch hunt continues.