Sunny Lohmann DESTROYS YARON Brook!

Trigger warning: The following comments presuppose some understanding, familiarity and grand annoyance with the so-called ‘Objectivist Movement’, The Ayn Rand Institute and Yaron Brook.

Yaron Brook.jpg

Okay, first off the title is a joke. All these idiotic ‘Person X destroys Person Y’ vids are getting tiresome. But, if the shoe fits…

Anywho, several seasons back, I came across a young lady on YouTube (probably by typing in HOT and Ayn Rand and GIRL) who mesmerized me with her wit, beauty and brilliance. Although I do not like her more than a friend.

Her name—Lohmann. Sunny Lohmann.

Her mission—to battle it out with the ones I like to call, ‘Flying Spaghetti Marxists’ (and a few Islamo-fascists) by mixing together a Randy-Ayn pitch for individualism inside of a chewy-chocolatey-sarcastic-center.

And Sunny has deservedly been quite successful at permeating various pockets of right-thinking folks on the interweb with her illuminating elucidations regarding a whole range of titillating and tawdry topics.

Yet—shockingly—I have not always agreed with her on ALL issues. Who would? I mean, who does think exactly the same way on every issue?

Well—the ‘ortho’ Objectivists (Objectibots) seem to, more often than not and that’s something that Sunny has been addressing as of late, particularly as it pertains to the issue of immigration (open, closed and everything in between).

So, please—let me recommend watching this new episode of Sunny’s ‘HouseOfSunny’ show where she and guests Ed and Ed and Ed, er Doug, challenge some of Yaron Brook’s (and therefore ARI’s) positions as it regards ‘immigration’.

It’s an effective presentation although one of the few examples of an area where I disagree with…everyone. From Sunny to Brook to Ed to Ed to Ed, er, Doug. My comments on what the RIGHT answer IS, to the immigration issue and associated challenges will follow in another post.

For now…get Sunny!